How we turned $6,601.58 into $41,740.20!!

How We Generated $41,740.20 in Revenue for Our Client Using Just $6,601.58 and Facebook Ads [Case Study]

At Supreme Level Media (SLM) we help companies grow and scale their digital marketing efforts through our proven industry leading strategies. We have helped dozens of small to medium sized businesses generate high-quality leads since our launch in 2017.

Since we started our agency, our goal has always been to provide businesses a seamless lead generation strategy that generates them paying clients on demand.

This case study will show you how our Alarm Leads on Demand program works to attract, intrigue, and convert leads into loyal paying customers.

Ensure You Nurture Leads to Convert Sales and Profit from Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

When we first start working with a client, we are used to hearing something along the lines of:

“We’ve tried “Agency X” and their Facebook ads, but the leads were ‘low-quality’, so we stopped them.”

Our first response is always a simple question:

“Well…what value did you provide the leads… how did you make them feel comfortable buying from you?”

This question is usually met with a look of absolute confusion because most small businesses and sales teams don’t know how to nurture digital leads, and typically approach digital lead nurturing with an imperfect, time-wasting, manual system (that causes leads to go cold QUICKLY).

But this is NOT the case at SLM.

The first step in our onboarding process is to get all the necessary information about your product offerings, how your sales team operates and what gaps can be filled-in to ensure our Alarm Leads on Demand system does NOT overwhelm your sales staff (trust us it will if the proper automations are not in place).

Why pay for traffic and leads if you don’t have the infrastructure to handle them?

You shouldn’t. That’s why we ensure each of our client’s businesses are fully capable of the highest industry standard of lead nurturing before starting any campaign. (Included in the Alarm Leads on Demand system)

The main reason our alarm clients chose us was due to our ability to nurture and convert leads into paying customers, not just some low-quality over-hyped marketing ‘leads’.

Using Social Media Advertising to Collect Leads and Drive Sales

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

Once we identify your unique goals, we identify a unique strategy that qualifies potential customers and gets them begging to buy your product. (No joke…) Most of your goals will fit into three categories:

  • Build awareness. Get your business noticed, become a local authority and start to build trust.
  • Hook Audience. Promote an irresistible offer that benefits both you and your customer.
  • Increase Sales Conversion. Leverage our very own industry leading lead nurturing application; close the sale.

All too often, businesses try to accomplish the first two and do a very good job (really they do), but then they drop the ball on converting their leads.

Our campaigns ensure that ALL 3 of these goals are met to the highest standard. Each campaign contained within our Alarm Leads on Demand system is individually designed to accomplish specific goals within each of those three categories, as determined by the broad business goals. A major emphasis is placed on the third, because without a reliable, scalable system to close leads, you make no progress.

Collecting Leads and Starting the Nurture Process...

Awareness content helps introduce you to potential customers. These customers don’t know you, don’t care about you and don’t want to hear your pitch. Consideration content works to build trust and convert visitors into leads.

We’re still not selling here, though; we’re showcasing.

This ad creates interest and starts to build awareness with customers. Not only does it get them thinking about the problem they are facing, but their engagement allows us to target them more directly with the follow-up ad, which takes their engagement and converts it into an actionable lead:

With this information, we can get in contact with an interested and engaged audience without seeming pushy – they’re interested and they WANT to be contacted.

With only $6,601.58 spent on ads, we targeted 1298 engaged leads. After filtering them for quality, we generated 986 quality leads and 60 closed contracts (20%) for $41,740.20 in total install sales.

That’s a 5.9x Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Those other quality leads that didn’t translate to appointments are nurtured and ready for other offers or promotions, as they are familiar and still engaged with the product and the brand, meaning we’ve still created the potential for future sales.


How do we know we can attribute these sales to our campaigns using Facebook?

First, we started a list of all the sales that occurred after we began the campaigns. This list included a lot of customer information: the name, email, phone number, zip code, type of purchase, and $ amount for each sale.

Then we compare that list with information Facebook gives us about all the people we served ads to. Facebook’s advertising platform is so advanced, it knows exactly who it served each ad. It also identifies which of those people “clicked” or “viewed” an ad but did not make a purchase at that exact moment.

We can see which ads led to the most conversions, how long those conversions took, and lots of other metrics to continuously improve our performance.

A typical example is someone will see the ad on Facebook, go to Google, search for the company and check out its site before purchasing.

That’s a lead we can attribute to our campaigns working and driving business.


Remember….awareness, engagement, and conversion.